Mega known for its previous name “MegaUpload”, they have been a big player in the online cloud industry for some time. Originally a great network to simply store and share files it has since expanded into a bit more. The service they provide offers high quality protection and encryption on data whilst this is alos backed with great storage options. They even offer 50 GB of free storage to users, this fact already beats many of the paid plans out there.

The free plan from the start offers users 50 GB of free storage to utilize which is an incredibly large amount, the beauty of their service is the fact they offer so much storage for free yet if their service does not meet your requirements it still has not cost you a thing. From there you can scale up to 4TB of data and 96TB of bandwidth, this starts at merely a cost of $5 monthly and is scaling.

The service they provide comes with plans that are scalable; this means that it is safe to say there is likely to be a plan that they provide that suits your requirements, this is without the fact that a lot of users only likely to need 50 GB and that comes completely free.


Simplicity is Mega’s biggest feature, and is one of the biggest positives it has going for it. You can simply drag and drop files for upload without even having an account, they have an incredibly easy to use interface. Whether it’s for pictures, videos, or random documents you can easily upload them safely to Mega’s database. You can use this feature for yourself or a friend or even the world. Their 100% privacy policy also in itself is a big feature, they encrypt everything transferred through their site down to not even saving any of your account data on the servers.