Dropbox is one of the most highly acclaimed names in the cloud storage industry. The focus on a simple service and this coupled with incredible storage plans makes their service incredibly popular. Not to mention the fact they have universal experience on desktop, mobile and web interfaces; this means they provide a service you know you can rely on. Dropbox’s service is truly incredible and makes backing up and the sharing or transferring of files online incredibly simple, this is because they implement a simple drag and click system.

Dropbox offer three plans to their users; they offer a completely free plan, a pro plan and lastly a business plan. The first plan they offer with their service is a free Dropbox account, this plan includes most of their basic features such as sync, mobile support, and security. The Pro account costs $10/monthly and includes features such as 1TB of data storage, password protection on files, higher share limits and more. Lastly Dropbox for Business gives a bit more security and sharing options and is deigned more for enterprises, this plan focuses more on users who’ll be sharing files throughout a company and is priced at $15/monthly.

Dropbox features a vast array of different features that they provide with their service, these include numerous options for backing up your data online. You can easily backup in a variety of methods using their mac/pc app and web portal, they even provide a mobile application for iOS/Android. Their service supports all types of formats such as videos, documents, pictures and more. They also allow you to back up all your important files, their easy to use interface makes it simple and fast to do this. All you have to do is drag, drop and sync, from there the service provided allows you to do things like share out files with a simple right click.

Dropbox gives users complete control over their files and they allow you to see information like modification dates and who has access to certain files. Whilst at the same time the service they provide maintains a high level of security and privacy throughout.